4 prepared dreams (for Tony Conrad, Annie Dorsen, April March and Jonathan Caouette)

  • Conception: Joris Lacoste
  • Performance: Joris Lacoste and Tony Conrad, Annie Dorsen, April March and Jonathan Caouette
  • Production: Crossing the Line/FIAF New York, with the support of the Institut français as part of its Théâtre Export Program and the French-American Fund for Contemporary Theater, a Program of FACE

For 4 Prepared Dreams, Crossing the Line festival commissioned Joris Lacoste to create four scripted dreams for four New York-based artists, who experienced them throughout a one-on-one hypnosis session with the artist. The artwork is the dream experienced during the session, in which the invited spectator surrenders to the fiction Joris Lacoste presents him with. Each session is followed by a post-hypnotic discussion – open to the public – between Lacoste and his guest.

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