Le vrai spectacle

  • Text and direction: Joris Lacoste
  • Dramaturgy: Joris Lacoste and Rodolphe Congé
  • Performance: Rodolphe Congé
  • Music: Pierre-Yves Macé
  • Lighting: Caty Olive
  • Scenography: Nicolas Couturier
  • Sound: Stéphane Leclercq and Kerwin Rolland
  • Lighting control: Florian Leduc
  • Direction assistant: Hugo Layan
  • Production: Echelle 1:1
  • Co-Production: Théâtre de Gennevilliers; Festival d’Automne à Paris; Théâtre Garonne, Le Vivat, Armentières; Parc de La Villette. With the Support of DRAC Île de France, of Quartz de Brest, and Fonderie au Mans.
  • Duration : 75 minutes

This project is an attempt at producing a show for the mind. Text, actor, lighting, music – all means specific to the theater are used to create a literally hypnotic experience, transferring the stage into the spectator’s brain – the real show being the one every spectator performs for him- or herself.

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