As a performance

The laboratory initiated by the collective W in 2016/2017 is continuing this season. W is a research collective that is developing an original system of notation for performed action, Organon. During this lab, the system is being used to notate performances, as well as processes that do not fall within the sphere of art by considering them momentarily as performances. The collective is inviting dancers and choreographers, as well as specialists from various fields: ethnologists, sociologists, astrophysicists, neurologists, political analysts, somatologists and economist, among others.


‘ 12/06/2017 : presentation of the software Organon
‘ 11/12/2017 : W invites Grand Magasin, show makers
‘ 5/02/2018 : W invites François Chaignaud, dancer
‘ 10/04/2018 : W invites Claudie Doums, entomologist