En tu nombre

  • Conception Joris Lacoste
  • With Joris Lacoste & Quim Pujol
  • Production Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Móstoles – Madrid
  • Creation June 8th 2023
  • En tu nombre is an invitation by Quim Pujol on the occasion of the “Picnic Sessions 2023” of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Móstoles. 

“Quim Pujol invited me to come and address the people of Móstoles. As I don’t speak Spanish, the question of the translation came up. Quim happens to be a professional interpreter: he offered to translate my speech live as he would for a head of state: ‘I will speak on your behalf, I will carry your words’, he assured me.  I immediately saw how much I could gain from such a promise of allegiance.” J.L.