• JUKEBOX ‘Name of the city ‘
  • Created by: Encyclopédie de la parole
  • Artistic direction: Elise Simonet
  • Staging: Joris Lacoste
  • With: local performer
  • Dramaturgy and audio speeches research coordination: local dramaturg
  • Audio speeches research: a group of local researchers
  • Project developed by: Garance Crouillère – Echelle 1:1
  • Administration : Edwige Dousset – Échelle 1:1
  • Production: Échelle 1:1
  • Local production delegated to: local organization

Jukebox is a solo piece designed for a single geographic space: a city, a territory, or a region. Each version, composed in close collaboration with a local team of researchers/collectors, an actor, and a translator aims to share L’Encyclopédie de la Parole’s methods and process and to perform the singular forms of speech borne by specific cultural and geographic contexts : “If I live in Marseille, Göteborg, Bamako, or Buenos Aires, what are the different forms of speech that pass through me on a given day?”

By allowing spectators to choose which words are performed and in what order, Jukebox aims to explore the ways in which a community represents itself. What do we want to hear from the language we speak? From our own culture? Which voices will spectators choose to hear at each performance? How will they make them resonate with one another?

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Jukebox © Martin Argyroglo

Jukebox 'Saint Petersburg'

©Arya Dil

©Julie Folly

© Ilaria Costanzo