• Conception W – Jeanne Revel & Joris Lacoste
  • Development Nicolas Malevé & Open Source Publishing (Alexandre Leray, Gijs De Heij & Pierre Huyghebaert)
  • Production Échelle 1:1
  • With the support from Centre National de la Danse à Pantin, Dicréam & FSIR – Fond de Soutien à l’Innovation et à la Recherche, Arcadi
  • Creation  2019

Organon is a free and shared software that allows you to write the score of any performance, action, activity or process. Organon uses the W Notation, a system that works from tasks or instructions stated in common language and organized according to a rigorous syntax. Organon allows an existing performance to be noted for preservation or transmission purposes. It is also a compositional tool for choreographers, directors, performers – and anyone who wants to organize or model an action.

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