• Conception and Direction: Joris Lacoste
  • Collaboration : Grégory Castéra & Frédéric Danos
  • Archive Collecting: Encyclopédie de la parole
  • Performance: Emmanuelle Lafon
  • Sound Device: Kerwin Rolland and Andrea Agostini
  • Production: Échelle 1:1
  • Co-Production: Fondation Cartier and Parc de la Villette
  • Acknowledgments: TNT de Bordeaux and Performing Arts Forum
  • Performance: June 6 2009 at Fondation Cartier, as part of the Soirées Nomades program
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Parlement is a solo performance that borrows from the audio archive of the Encyclopédie de la parole. Recordings from the archive provided the material for an original style of theatrical writing, through the editing and composition of sounds, rather than texts. By having a hundred or so voices emerge in a flow from one single body – actress Emmanuelle Lafon’s – Parlement creates a mutating, poetical discourse, flooded by the diversity of human speech acts.

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